Admission to Orford Museum is free but English Heritage admission
charges apply to get into Orford Castle.

Open Saturdays and Sundays only in the Winter (November to March); daily opening in the Summer. For exact dates, times and admission charges, please check


Orford Museum is staffed entirely by volunteers. It has no income other than Friends subscriptions and the visitors' donation box. All contributions will be welcomed.

Disabled Access
Temporary exhibitions and a touch-screen kiosk featuring a virtual museum tour are located in the parish church (open daily) for visitors who find the steep steps up to the castle difficult. Wheelchair entry is via the north door of the church.

PIC9KioskinOrfchurch1aExhibition in St Bartholomew’s Church Orford:

Orford Ness an Experimental Station in WWI

An exhibition that tells the story of the Royal Flying Corps on Orford Ness during the First World War, particularly over the years 1916, 1917 and 1918. The incredible bravery of the pilots who took to the air to test aeroplanes that had not been flown before, as well as trying out many pioneering ways to support the army from the air and protect the home front from the attacks of zeppelins.