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Orford  Museum
Orford Museum


11, 12 and 13 September 2015, open daily 10am to 4pm

in the Orford Town Hall, Orford IP12 2NZ

Free Entry

Orford Museum’s Lighthouse exhibition, to be held in the Orford Town Hall over the weekend of 11, 12 and 13 September 2015 is part of a wider Orfordness Lighthouse project. This project has been running for the last three years and been funded by Touching the Tide, a Heritage Lottery funded landscape partnership scheme – please see www.touchingthetide.org.uk

The announcement by Trinity House in 2010 that it would be closing the lighthouse, galvanised a group of local people to come together to plan a ‘Celebration of the Lighthouse’ for the local community. The Seafaring Day on September 14, 2013, saw organizer Veronica Worrall, Touching the Tide helpers and members of the Museum Management committee working together with local residents and schools to produce a fun day to celebrate the lighthouse. There was music by local bands, Hornpipe dancing by school children and adults on Orford Quay, culminating with a parade up to the Recreation Ground behind a large model of the lighthouse.

The following year, 2014, was Liz Ferretti’s turn to organise a writing competition on the subject of the Orfordness Lighthouse for adults and children of different ages and abilities. This was a great success with the winning works being published in the EADT Suffolk magazine. They will be on show at the exhibition.

Over the three years of the project Maggi Livingstone, the museum’s Education Officer, has been taking school children across to visit the lighthouse with the kind permission of Nicholas Gold and the National Trust staff, who supported the visits with help transporting the children from the quay to the lighthouse track.
The children clearly enjoyed enormously the opportunity to visit such an
iconic building.

2015 sees Orford Museum joining in with a free exhibition about the
lighthouses first built on Orford Ness, right up to the present-day lighthouse
in its red and white stripes. The exhibition sets the scene, exploring the
reasons for having a lighthouse and how the area benefitted from its
presence. Alongside this will be shown Veronica Worrall’s Orfordness
Lighthouse documentary film, which has taken three years to research
and put together.

The culmination of the three-year project will be on Saturday 19 September
2015. Liz Ferretti has put together a concert which will feature a new
arrangement of the ‘Sea Interludes’ from Britten’s Peter Grimes; the
premiere of a lighthouse composition and songs by local children.
This will be held at St Bartholomew’s Church, Orford, IP12 2LN. 7pm
Start with refreshments from 6.20pm.

from www.aldeburghmusic.co.uk

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